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A sample of our work

Properties We’ve Sold

104-2220 Shannon Ridge Drive, West Kelowna

11011 Pheasant Road, Lake Country

15831 Trask Road, Lake Country

4839 Princeton Avenue, Peachland

2390 Tallus Ridge Drive, West Kelowna

2819 Bentley Road, West Kelowna

3688 Sonoma Pines Drive, West Kelowna

2390 Shannon Ridge Drive, West Kelowna

10414 Chase Road, Lake Country

303-2120 Shannon Ridge Drive, West Kelowna

112-1999 Hwy 97 S, West Kelowna

2848 Glasgow Road, West Kelowna

3148 Doucette Drive, West Kelowna

3150 Shetler Drive, West Kelowna

3222 McGinnis Road, West Kelowna

3106 Shannon Place, West Kelowna

2220 Helgason Drive, West Kelowna

2221 Helgason Drive, West Kelowna

204-2220 Shannon Ridge Drive, West Kelowna

3188 Woodstock Drive, West Kelowna

Sutherland Avenue

Sussex Road

Forest Hill Drive

2551 Shoreline Drive

Bering Road

Red Mountain Place

Camp Road

Cascade Drive

Torrey Pines Drive

Shannon Ridge

Cascade Place

Kalview Drive

Lipsett Avenue

Sunview Drive

Shannon Lake Road

Shannon Ridge Drive

Michael Drive

Porcupine Road

Hollywood Road

Whitman Road

Tallus Heights Drive

Old Boucherie Road

Steele Road

Porcupine Road

Saddleridge Drive

Gates Road

Boucherie Road

Morrison Place

Wildhorse Drive

Glenmeadows Road

Lower Glenrosa Road

2428 Asquith Road, West Kelowna

Lakeshore Road

3761 Glenway Road, West Kelowna, BC

1442 Rome Place, West Kelowna, BC

The Verve

The Verve 2

314-2120 Shannon Ridge Drive, West Kelowna, BC

2245 Majoros Road, West Kelowna

307 Carrington Road

Curlew Drive

Alexandria Way

Crown Crest

15390 Old Mission Road, Lake Country, BC

1860 Boucherie Road

Rome Place

3240 McGinnis Road, West Kelowna

3574 Elliott Road, West Kelowna

3755 Glenway Road, West Kelowna




2440 Old Okanagan

2196 Shannon Ridge Drive, West Kelowna

11031 Pheasant Road, Lake Country

1230 Horning Road, Kelowna

3205 Malbec Crescent, West Kelowna

1572 Kloppenburg Road, Kelowna

Lodge Road

Warbler Court

Mt. Ida Drive

2226 Sundance Court, West Kelowna

4660 Princeton Avenue, Peachland

2198 Verde Vista Road, Kelowna

132-2005 Boucherie Road, West Kelowna

305-3645 Carrington Road, West Kelowna

1678 Pritchard Drive, West Kelowna

Shaleridge Place

Ridgerock Place

Crystal Springs

Ehlers Road

Fairway 111

3180 Woodstock Drive, West Kelowna

2880 Grieve Road, Kelowna

101-2750 Auburn Road, West Kelowna

20-1880 Old Boucherie Road, West Kelowna

3051 Sandstone Drive, West Kelowna

1860 Boucherie Road



The Pointe

3415 Fairview Court, West Kelowna

3086 Ourtoland Road, West Kelowna

2390 Shannon Ridge Drive, West Kelowna

2580 Robinson Road, Lake Country

2218 Golf Course Drive, West Kelowna

2737 Riffington Place, West Kelowna

Gordon Road

Crown Crest

Douglas Road

Horizon Drive

Bonnie Drive

McCulloch Road

Copper Ridge Drive


Menu Road

Eagle Terrace