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If you want something you never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.
– Thomas Jefferson

The last article that I posted generated some interesting inquiries that when combined with the several recent discussions I’ve had from prospective buyers considering a move to the Okanagan has prompted me to write a post that tackles the subject of moving.

So what seems to be on the mind of others when contemplating a move to the Okanagan? While few disagree with the appeal of living in the valley here are a few themes that I’ve been able to discern thus far:

The Okanagan sounds like a great place to live but isn’t relocating a lot of work? 


I’d like to move to Kelowna, but I’ve heard that home prices and the cost of living is high. 


You know, I’ve always thought about moving to the Okanagan, but all I hear is how there aren’t any jobs. 

Are these (and any others) valid concerns? Sure, I would say that as with any major decision in life it is important to conduct your own due diligence and determine if the grass really is greener on the other side. However, if there is a fire that burns inside of you to make a change and challenge the status quo then as someone that has moved across provinces several times I am here to tell you that it can be done and it can be great.

Let me address the first concern (I’ll save the others for another post): Is moving a lot of work? Certainly, but isn’t the same true for most things in life worth doing. In fact, looking at it from the other side, isn’t living in a place that fails to check many of your personal fulfillment boxes draining over time? Which scenario is more work?

When you think about it we live in a pretty amazing point in history. Over the pages of time the story of an individual’s life essentially took place in a single geographical location. Birth, life and death all occurred in relatively the same place. Before airplanes, automobiles or even trains there was no form of long-distance travel and the thought of just picking up and moving somewhere else essentially did not exist.

Fast forward to today where we now live in a world where the division between home and office is becoming blurred. Between teleworking and opportunities where one can work-from-home a workplace is not necessarily location specific. My own personal journey to the Okanagan came about in a similar manner and I find that I meet more and more people with this flexible lifestyle arrangement.

After living in the Kelowna area for a few years I can say that there is no one-size-fits-all. There are a lot of people here that were born somewhere else and moved here. Many arrangements are complex; from the dad that commutes to Fort Mac to the independent and self-employed family. But despite the diversity in life situations the one consistency that I find is that people find a way to make it work. Once the decision has been made to live life on your own terms, including where to live, it is amazing the ingenuity that results. Necessity is the mother of invention.

Every action begins with a thought but sadly for many thought does not lead to action. We tell ourselves all sorts of stories about why we can’t do something or how the timing will be better at a future date. Meanwhile we see others around us making bold changes in life and our reaction to this often manifests in resentment for making a decision that we didn’t have the courage to make ourselves.

Alternatively we can use the journey’s of others as an opportunity to inspire change in our own lives. Just prior to our move to the Okanagan we had to say goodbye to our dearest friends who decided to move to the East Coast. Do we miss them? All the time. Were we happy for them? Absolutely. They found their own paradise and are thriving in their new surroundings. And by witnessing firsthand the outcome of their bold decision we were inspired to make one of our own.

As a father I often reflect on the challenges that I encounter each day in life and my own response to them. Life teaches us hard lessons; the impact of which are often measured by the degree of emotion involved. Do my daughters understand the sleepless nights and second-guessing that went into our relocation to Lake Country? No, they are too young for that at the moment. However in time they will understand that their Mom and Dad carefully considered all the factors, made a decision that we felt was best for our family and haven’t looked back since.

Is moving a lot of work? The answer is yes, if you think about it and no if you just do it. Perhaps a better question to ask is: If the Okanagan is calling, what is really holding you back?

Mill Creek